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The Georgia Local Government Personnel Association (GLGPA) was founded in 1975 for the purpose of promoting professional personnel management practices throughout local government in Georgia.  Members of the GLGPA recognize that true personnel professionals distinguish themselves in their knowledge of modern management practices and procedures.
Eligibility requirements for membership in the GLGPA are very broad: any person working in a professional capacity in local government or a quasigovernmental agency is eligible for membership. Members come from city and county governments, state agencies, RDC's and schools and include elected officials and other persons interested in public personnel administration.

A nonprofit organization, the GLGPA is governed by a twelve member Board of Directors elected by the membership. The GLGPA is also supported by the Georgia Municipal Association, the Association County Commissioners of Georgia, and The University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government.



Profesional Development

To provide continuing professional education to its members to enhance their knowledge of modern personnel management practices.
To provide a forum in which members can share ideas, problems, and accomplishments in the field of personnel administration. 

Professional Personnel Management Systems

To encourage the establishment of professional personnel management systems in local government through the state.


Conferences are held each fall and spring, as well as other workshops as needed, to further the objectives of the association. Through workshops and discussion groups, each conference provides members with the opportunity to improve their technical and managerial skills as well as an opportunity for the exchange of information in an informal but professional setting. The annual business meeting of the GLGPA is conducted at each Spring Conference during which the membership elects new officers and board members and reviews the work of the GLGPA's various committees.


The GLGPA is also a sponsor of the Certified Human Resource Manager Program and the Advanced Certification in Human Resource Management, administered by The University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Courses approved for credit toward these professional designations are presented at each Fall and Spring conference of the GLGPA.  To be eligible to participate in the certification program, an individual must:
1. Be a GLGPA member; and 

2. Be currently employed in local government with personnel responsibilities.



The benefits of membership in the GLGPA include specialized training and education, exchange of ideas with fellow personnel administrators, and development of contacts within the profession which are invaluable to today's local government personnel professional. To become a member of the GLGPA, simply complete and mail the attached membership application today.

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